WorldSafe Summit Tackles Key Public Health Issues

Opioids, Sleep Deprivation, Texting and Driving... All Affect Health Outcomes

WorldSafe Summit Tackles Key Public Health Issues

Do you know there’s a drug that can save a life from the Opioid Epidemic… and you don’t even need a prescription…and every Georgia pharmacy has it in stock!

That’s something most people aren’t aware of. That’s why the Safe America Foundation is holding a special briefing on ‘the Opioid Crisis’ at WSB-TV on October 26-27. There’ll be other critical health and safety topics discussed, also. Like protecting church congregations from active assailants…dealing with cyber breaches… and proposing a law to require ‘hands free’ driving (and eliminating cell phone hazards that are causing thousands of collisions and hundreds of deaths).

Texting and driving has been a temptation to all of us. And, every day, thousands of Georgians ‘do it.’ At traffic lights. On the roadways. And, on the interstates. We’ve had a lot of funerals because of it. And now, it’s time to put an ENDD to this.The Safe America Foundation – working with State Representative John Carson – is working to address this issue, getting ALL Georgia drivers to support legislation that will restrict cell phone use while driving.

Thanks to a growing ‘Good ENDDING’ coalition that includes AT&T, Allstate, WellStar Atlanta Medical Center, the Jim Ellis Automotive Group and Montlick and Associates – we will hold a ‘forum’ on this issue at the WorldSafe Summit on Friday, October 27. You may appreciate the times you’ve ‘texted’ and driven and NOT had a wreck. But face it: it’s time we endd this bad habit – and the fatalities it is causing. Join us as we seek to bring a good ‘endd’ to distraction while driving.

Endd Distracted Driving. NOW – with Safe America, In partnership with AT&T.

If you’re a business, civic or community leader, plan now to attend.

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