Breakout Tracks: Share YOUR Solutions

26 Oct 2017
2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Breakout Tracks: Share YOUR Solutions

You’ve just heard about many of the safety issues that Safe America and its partners are keen on addressing. Now it’s time to share your expertise and thoughts during our breakout tracks. These discussion groups, facilitated by experts in their fields, will each focus on one of the key issues introduced above and will focus on coming up with collaborative solutions to these safety challenges in our world.

The six breakouts for Thursday are:

1- Helping Our Veterans, Led by Bill Beverly-Blanco

2- Community Safety Issues (Gangs), Led by Chief Mike Register

3- Today’s Public Health Crisis: Opioids, Led by Kim Ryan

4- Elevating Public Safety to the Next Level, Led by Jeff Turner

5- Human Trafficking: Global Issue, Led by Bethany Burrel

6- Youth: Raising the Bar in Safety, Led by Allison Carter