Safe America Teams Up with Clayton, Cobb, Atlanta

to Improve Public Safety

Safe America Teams Up with Clayton, Cobb, Atlanta

Jeff Turner cares about safety. But not just Atlanta’s Southside–the entire metro region.

That’s why, as Vice Chairman of the Safe America Foundation, Chairman Turner has encouraged meetings with Atlanta Fire Rescue Chief Joel Baker along with Cobb Public Safety Director Sam Heaton and Chief Mike Register to consider ways to involve area companies, churches and civic organizations in disaster response drills.

Chairman Turner, along with Safe America CEO Len Pagano, have focused on making Atlanta the nation’s premiere safety community; focusing on ways to expand citizen awareness and training while also working nationally to encourage firms like The Home Depot, Wal-Mart, CNA Insurance and Verizon to conduct drills during September (National Preparedness Month).

“We know that conducting practice drills makes a person better-prepared to handle any emergency,” Turner noted. “That’s why we’re encouraging Clayton Chamber members, along with local police and fire departments, to conduct evacuation or shelter-in-place drills each September.”

Mary Lou and Len Pagano spoke in September to the Cobb Safety Commission, outlining its work to protect youth since 1994

In addition to the outreach to the Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation (AFRF), Safe America also attended the ‘Preparedness Institute’ conducted by the AFRF at the Federal Reserve Bank in early September.

CEO Len Pagano noted that he and Chairman Turner are working to team up with the Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation. He added that Safe America is working with Cobb and Clayton County Police Departments to help individuals know how to handle emergencies such as active shooters as well as rescue human trafficking victims.

Safe America CEO Len Pagano discusses ways to improve community safety with Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation Director Shirley Ann Smith.

In 2018, Safe America is planning to work with the Cobb Public Safety Commission and collaborate with in holding ‘Brain Camp’ at the County’s ‘Safety Village.’ Police Chief Michael Register and Safety Village Executive Director Allison Carter, both members of Safe America’s Board of Directors, will collaborate on ways to engage teens as well as develop a mentoring program.

Recently, Safe America CEO Len Pagano visited with Safety Village Executive Director, Allison Carter, and Cobb Police Chief, Michael Register (photo at left)


“We’re pleased to work across our Metro Atlanta region – helping bring a new level of collaboration to solve public safety and community problems,” Pagano commented. “We plan to showcase our efforts – during the upcoming WorldSafe Summit – so we can encourage others around the country to use our local models to improve community safety.” 

The Foundation is beginning to develop additional safe teen driving modules for introduction in 2018. Another new development: enhanced driver training with computer simulators.

Thanks to the leadership by Chairman Jeff Turner, we’ve elevating the level of engagement with law enforcement,” Pagano noted.


“Jeff’s vision, to improve relations between law enforcement and citizenry, began at last year’s ‘Black, Blue and You” program at the Delta Flight Museum. And, led us to develop more dialogue, which is now generating very specific, positive programs to reduce gangs, help eliminate human trafficking and reduce distracted driving: all issues that public safety is committed to.”

Clayton Fire Chief Landry Merkison explained this summer a new campaign
to fight human trafficking on Atlanta’s Southside to Safe America CEO Len Pagano

Pagano also thanked the Clayton Fire Department for its leadership in fighting human trafficking, noting Safe America’s support of its new initiatives. He noted that Chief Landry Merkison – along with Battalion Chief Laura Richardson and Communications Liaison Joanne Southerland, have spearheaded an effort to educate law enforcement across the State and mobilize churches, non-profits and citizens to be ‘aware’ of young boys and girls who are possible victims.

All of these public safety initiatives – plus programming initiatives for 2018 – will be shared at the 2017 WorldSafe Summit at WSB-TV on October 26-27. A special ‘training camp’ – on Saturday, October 28 – will engage police and citizens in addressing safety concerns and practicing how to ‘deal’ with them.  

To learn more – and attend – contact Ted Waldbart at (770)-241-8806.

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