Safe America Gives Briefing on Capitol Hill


Safe America Gives Briefing on Capitol Hill

Safe America Foundation hosted a safety briefing on Capitol Hill last Thursday September 7. Some of the highlights are detailed below! 

DRI President Chloe Demrovsky talked about the unsung heroes that have helped restore normalcy in Houston while Operation HOPE Chief Legislative Officer Jena Roscoe expressed a belief that collaborating with Safe America on disaster response would lead to positive results for the nation.


Columbia University’s Jonathan Sury summarized original research on children’s emotional response to disasters. Mr. Sury noted that a three-year study conducted in Arkansas and New York States have determined that most communities have no plan for how to protect youth. The research concludes that the long-term mental impact of events like Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Harvey will result in ongoing mental trauma that will affect youth through their teen years. The Columbia University researcher acknowledged his interest in working with Safe America to find funding that can take child toolkits with other communities – across the U.S. and around the world.

PurePoint International CEO, Jessica Robinson,  Chairperson of Safe America’s ‘Cycurity Task Force,’ noted the growing danger from international hackers seeking to ‘shut down’ the U.S. infrastructure such as electrical service. Ms. Robinson noted the WorldSafe Summit’s ‘cyber exercise,’being planned for ‘live participation’ in 5 cities, can lead to protecting Americans from having their lives interrupted. She added that the goal is to conduct the drill annually. This October 26, participants in Sydney, Australia will be joined by others in London, New York, Washington, DC and Atlanta.

Secure Schools Alliance Executive Director, Robert Boyd, described how statues are being safeguarded in communities but schools are not. He noted that while schools are committed to protecting youth from fires, not 1 death has occurred from a blaze since the 1950s. In comparison, a number of youth have been killed each year from violent incidents that have occurred in schools such as Columbine and New Town. Boyd invited attendees to support H.R. 1636 which calls for increasing the safety in every American school to prevent active shooters or other aggressors from being able to enter schools and harm faculty or students.

Safe America ‘Cooking Can’ is introduced on Capitol Hill as a new tool to help in emergency situations. Manufactured by Glatt Stove, the device was praised by attendees. (l-r) Operation HOPE Chief Legislative Officer Jena Roscoe; American Logistics Aid Executive Director Kathy Fulton; Glatt Stove CEO Carlos Glatt; Safe America CEO Len Pagano; and StarTides CEO Dr. Linton Wells II.

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