Operation HOPE partners with Safe America Foundation


Operation Hope and Safe America Plan Joint Effort to Help America ‘BE Ready’ to Handle Emergencies Better

Safe America President and CEO Len Pagano recently met with Operation Hope CEO Dr. Anita Ward, extending the two non-profits’ collaboration to help America be ‘prepared, not scared’ when dealing with future disasters or emergencies.

The initiative will begin with meetings in New York on August 24 at the World Trade Center, where Operation Hope and Safe America will outline increased training this fall for dealing with active shooters as well as cyber security risks.

Dr. Ward noted that all of America is impacted by growing threats, and that any disruption has an effect on all populations, not just those at the top tier.

Pagano added that with Operation Hope’s network of over 96 grassroots locations, Safe America can distribute its information and assistance more broadly.

“We’re honored to be partnering with Operation Hope,” Pagano noted.  “When you look at the impressive reach they have – to millions of Americans from coast to coast – we sense we’ll be able to help each American anticipate what they can do in any emergency, either weather-related or man-made. The goal is to protect lives and minimize the effects of emergencies, so that life can remain as normal and unaffected as possible.”

Pagano noted that Operation Hope’s New York Regional President, Mary Ehrsam, will join Dr. Ward and Safe America CEO Network members for a briefing at FEMA in New York. A meeting on Capitol Hill is also being planned on Thursday, September 7. To join either or both meetings, contact Joe Caprara at (770)-384-7937.