It's Time for a Comeback

We'll Be Prepared--Not Scared

It’s Time for a Comeback

Yes, we got hit. Very Hard.

It started with Harvey – causing a loss of 1 million automobiles, displacement of 100,000 families – and disruption in Southeastern fuel pipeline. Then there was Irma. Florida, Georgia and South Carolina are still dealing with the after affects.

What can we do to make a comeback? That’s part of what the Safe America Foundation is focused on. We’ll be working with Operation HOPE, the American Red Cross and FEMA to help areas recover.

We’re also introducing a new safety tool – the SafeAmerica cooking can- that can cook or heat meals for a full month for less than $1 a day. We want – and need – your help. And, invite you to consider making a $50 donation. For your funds, we can provide a cooking can for distribution. We also are inviting all businesses, community groups and church leaders to sign up and attend our WorldSafe Summit on October 26-28 at WSB-TV

The three-day meeting will include reports on what’s being done to bring back Texas, Florida and all other states devastated by the recent storms. We’ll also offer training to handle future emergencies- not just disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes but cyber attacks and active shooters.

We’ve coined a term – Be Prepared. Not Scared. We hope you’ll join us and be ready for what’s next. Whatever we face, we’re committed to protecting what’s priceless: every human life.

Join us.

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