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October 26 - 28 2017

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Safety’s role in society, addressed in 5 key areas, is the mission of the Safe America Foundation’s first annual ‘Training for Global Safety’ conference, planned for Oct 26 – 28, 2017.

The conference is sponsored by safety-minded Miller Ingenuity, a firm dedicated to making 'safety first' in transportation, on the Internet, across technological fields and in community life.

Transportation Safety

Transportation  - ranging from rail, air and ground transportation issues...  to building a 21st century infrastructure that's safe.

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Technology Safety

Technology, including cyber security, fighting systemic hacking, introducing Narrow-band Internet of Things plus advancing the introduction of 5G wireless.

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Disaster Resiliency

Disaster preparedness/response, including communicating in a disaster, drilling and readiness.

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Community Safety

Community Safety, including educating our youth, assisting veterans and dealing with emerging issues, such as sports safety and protecting athletes.

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Global Safety

Global issues including human trafficking, environmental health and safety and involving the next generation of global leaders in seeing safety as a #1 issue.

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Hall of fame

Kickoff Reception at the College Football Hall of Fame

Attend the College Football Hall of Fame Kickoff Reception on Thursday, October 26th from 6-9 pm


WorldSafe Gala & Awards Dinner

Attend the 2017 WorldSafe Gala, Silent Auction & Dinner on Saturday, October 28th from 6 pm-10 pm.