Inaugural Safety Conference a Success!

Safety’s role in society, addressed in 5 key areas, is the mission of the Safe America Foundation’s first annual ‘Training for Global Safety’ conference, which was Oct 26 – 28, 2017. The conference was sponsored by safety-minded Miller Ingenuity, a firm dedicated to making ‘safety first’ in transportation, on the Internet, across technological fields and in community life.

Who Are We

The Safe America FoundationTM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit licensed by the state of Georgia. Chartered in 1994, with headquarters in Marietta, Georgia, the foundation partners with corporate, governmental, public and private sector organizations, and other nonprofits to improve the safety awareness and preparedness of Americans nationwide.

Who Should Attend?

The goal was to educate people on how to handle potential threats to our security and ways to protect yourself. We discussed unsafe scenarios and experiences and how to ultimately avoid emergencies, safety risks, and the escalation of an unfortunate event.


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The conference was held at WSB-TV in midtown Atlanta. Download Directions to WSBTV_2017


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Conference Program

This conference was from 26 - 28 October 2017.
Day 1
26 Oct 2017
Day 2
27 Oct 2017
Day 3
28 Oct 2017

Tackling the World’s Top 5 Issues

Tackling the World’s Top 5 Issues Safe America CEO, Len Pagano, will give a brief introduction of the top five safety areas Safe America works to tackle everyday, and which...
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Len Pagano

 Today’s #1 Issue: Human Trafficking

This panel will include dynamic individuals who have been extremely active in resolving the issue of human trafficking...
Gabrielle Starr
Tim Echols
Dorsey Jones

Human Trafficking, Identifying Solutions

Human Trafficking, Identifying Solutions After we discuss the problem of Human Trafficking, both in the State of George and nationally, we plan to also discuss ways to solve this global...
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Rebecca Tolstoy
Janulyn Yvette Lennon
Gregory Wiest

Safe America’s Focus: Reducing Demand

Safe America will be working with local non-profit, youthSpark, to support their ground-breaking research....
Jennifer Swain
Renee Shelby
Jeff Turner

Keynote Luncheon Address: Today’s Major Concern, Disasters

isten to Lt. General Honore' speak about a topic that concerns us all...
Lt. General Russel Honoré

Step 1: Assessing Today’s Top Safety Challenges

This series of short talks will provide an introduction to all of the safety issues that impact our communities...
Chief Joel Baker
Mike Register

Breakout Tracks: Share YOUR Solutions

Now it’s time to share your expertise and thoughts during our breakout tracks...
Kim Ryan
Jeff Turner
Mike Register

Improving Cyber Security

This panel, moderated by CEO of PurePoint International, Jessica Robinson, will address growing cyber risks to governments, business, and private citizens; and how to prevent them
Larikus Scott
Jessica Robinson
John Harrison
Taiye Lambo

Cloud Architecture: Leveraging the Cloud for Operational Resilience & Technology Risk Mitigation

Professionals from Turner's risk analysis team will discuss how Turner is pushing the envelope in the architecture of cloud environments...
Don Browning
Gail Grimes

Financial Security: Protecting YOUR Money

Leaders from SunTrust will give a talk about the growing online threats to our finances, as well as measures we can all take to better protect our bank accounts and livelihoods

Cycurity: Global Cyber Security Exercise

This keystone event will include a live cyber exercise involving five different cities (Australia/London/NY/Atlanta/Chicago). Harold Wolpert, CEO of Australian-based business continuity and disaster preparedness firm Avalias
Harold Wolpert
Jessica Robinson

Keynote: Future Disasters: How to Stop Doing STUPID

The esteemed Lt. General Russel Honore’, who helped lead post-Katrina restoration of New Orleans, will address the kinds of leadership needed to best be prepared for future disasters.
Lt. General Russel Honoré

Panel: ‘Being Prepared, Not Scared’

Threats to our personal safety are all around us, but we can be prepared for them...
Steve Stirling
Joe Ruiz
Dr. Anita Ward
Dr. Linton Wells II

Transforming Transportation: Innovations in Infrastructure

Panelists will represent transportation issues all across the board, from air and rail infrastructure, to the future of car travel, this panel will give a glimpse into where the future of transportation safety is headed.
Steve Blue
Henk Hesselink
Dikembe Mutombo
Thérèse Izay Kirongozi
Carmen Patriarca

Luncheon Address: Rewarding Safety Innovations

Scott Frank, CEO of AT&T Intellectual Property will speak about the value of rewarding innovators and their ideas with intellectual property licensing in order to incentivize innovations in all areas of safety.--
Scott Frank

Introducing the Distracted Driving Issue

Len Pagano, CEO, Safe America Foundation Leaders in the non-profit, government, and business sectors take this time to speak about one of the number one issues affecting all of us...
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Joel Feldman
Karla Riker

Breakout Tracks: Share Your Solutions (Part Two)

These Discussion Groups will each tackle how we can all use our personal and professional strengths...
Bob Hope
Jessica Robinson
Joel Feldman
Gary Lawrence

Mitigating Disasters: Tools From the Federal Government

This talk will give attendees an idea of how the federal government works and plans to mitigate disasters and threats to the safety of citizens.

Active Assailants: How to Respond

Active Assailants: How to Respond
Randy Spivey

‘We Care’ Assembly Kit for Veterans

Join the Safe America team in the assembly of toiletries and essential health needs for our vets!
MaryLou Pagano

The Value of Training and Exercises

This morning will consist of a number of activities and training exercises so that we can all be better educated and prepared to advocate for our own safety...
Kathy Fulton
Randy Spivey


1601 West Peachtree St. NE Atlanta, GA 30309

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